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About Hybrid

A trusted partner for your international business

At Hybrid we believe that development and growth have their foundations in a strategy that combines several disciplines together.

Rooted to the fundamentals of business management and marketing but reliant on the evolving, powerfully promising potential enclosed in the new technologies and digital channels, we see opportunities for any type of business and product.
Our tailored approach aims to find big or niche markets where settling or expanding your business. The core of our strategy and consulting is a blended online-offline approach to international audiences.

Why You Choose Hybrid for Consulting Service.

We are committed to quality and we care for your business. This is what you can expect from us:

Professional Team

We are a team of talented and experienced professionals, driven by the knowledge and inspired by the countless opportunities the future has to disclose.


Networking is the base of fast and qualitative development. With the right partners and connections, it's way easier to reach the set goals efficiently and successfully.


We don’t like false promises or unrealistic prospects and we will persist until the target is reached and our client is satisfied.


Offering cost-effective solutions is our main priority, as we understand the challenges related to the launch, expansion, or requalification of a business.

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What we can do for you

We offer a range of Services to help you Succeed in your Business

Market Research

After learning about your business and analyzing your requests and expectations, we will search for new opportunities in the global market and suggest profitable solutions to reach your development goals.

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Business Development

Whether it's just about selling your products or services in new countries or adapting your offer to the targeted markets, we will take care of the planning and execute the required implementations.

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We offer a range of solutions for the placement of your products in new markets. It can be distribution-based or entirely digital, or a blended solution. Most importantly, it will be tailored to your budget and capability.

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Business Consulting

Our expertise in business management and administration allows us to evaluate the performance of all departments, identify and resolve possible criticalities and suggest unexplored opportunities to take your business to the next level.

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Performance Marketing

Following the latest trends, our team will offer omnichannel online/offline marketing strategies. With a commercial approach, we will both develop the Brand Identity and Awareness, and maximize the return on all marketing actions.

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IT Infrastructure

When it comes to digital development and implementing new procedures to maximize efficiency throughout departments, it's often underestimated the relevance of a safe and efficient hardware-software infrastructure.

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Common Frequently Asked Questions

What does Hybrid Consulting do?

Hybrid Consulting specialises in international business and performance marketing. We aim to make your business grow in an international environment and help you reach your financial and development goals.

How does the consulting process work?

The process starts with an initial consultation, free of charge, to assess your needs and targets and learn all about who you are and what you do. Our team will then do researches and devop a strategic plan. Once the plan is approved, we move on to execution.

How much do your consulting services cost?

As we tailor our services to your needs, there isn't a fixed price. After the initial consultation free of charge, we will deliver a quotation of all services included in the project, together with the most convenient payment plan.

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